Wrapping for the Holidays

Do yourself a favor and wrap presents as you buy them this holiday season. “That’s easy for you to say Mrs. Organization. You do this kind of stuff for a living.” Yes, it is easy for me to say, but it was only a short while ago that I had a corporate, butt-in-seat job. I know how difficult time management can be when you work in a traditional environment and have kids breathing down your neck when you’re not at work. So, here are some solutions to that:

1. Set up a card table in your home office, guest bedroom, or basement close the door, and get to wrapping. I did it this way for years and threatened the kids with no gifts if they tried to come in. They never attempted to come in, but they did hover around the door talking to me the whole time.
2. Take your gifts and wrapping paraphernalia to work and do it on your lunch hour in a conference room. Imagine how excited the kids will be when you walk in at the end of the day with your arms full of gift wrapped treasures to put under the tree.
3. Get a friend to watch your kids for an hour while you wrap and then do the same for them.
4. If you can afford it, gift bags are a super fast way to get those gifts “wrapped” and then stuff them with tissue paper. Done and done.

Also, with the stocking stuffers … if you are like me you have many collected long before the holiday season even begins. I have bins in a closet that are filled with the current year’s stocking stuffers – one per family member and no names on the bins so as not to give anything away. Then on Christmas Eve, Santa puts the contents of each bin right into the stocking and complete. This also helps me tell easily who still needs stuff.

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