Money Savers

You want to get organized, but you have no budget and everything is in disarray. There are some old milk crates or little wooden crates in a corner in the garage. Don’t forget the plastic bins piled in the guest room closet. And your kids have an unimaginable number of pencil boxes in their rooms.

You have what you need to get started. Think “outside the box” – pun intended (I crack myself up).  It’s a pencil box. That doesn’t mean it can only hold writing utensils. Use it to store rubber bands, safety pins, push pins, paper clips, a small first aid kid, etc. That will clean up your junk drawer in a hurry. 

Grab those small wooden crates, screw in a shelf or two and you have yourself a little mud room shoe rack. Hang one over the toilet and store toilet paper or towels in it. Put one up in your kitchen, screw in a couple of hooks in the top, hang a couple of coffee mugs and you have a coffee nook. How many do you have? If you have quite a few, make a shelving unit for books and decorative items. Combine them with old pallets and use them to create a raised flower bed or vegetable garden.

Milk crates lend themselves to temporary storage solutions until you find the perfect piece that you are looking for. You can certainly pretty them up and use them for sweater storage, winter hat and gloves storage, snow boot storage. Place three next to each and put a bench on top for a nice place to sit and take off your shoes as you enter your home. Do you have a small garage, but need a good place for your tools? Use a milk crate.

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to get organized. If you are waiting for the right container to come along, you are not ready. When you are ready, you’ll know and you will gather all of your empty containers together and dig in. If you need help, you know who to call.

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