When you find something you are passionate about, take the reins and see where the ride takes you. That’s what I did. The things that give me joy are organizing people and helping people. I can do both. I decided to leave my Monday through Friday job and launch a business helping people find their oasis within their home. Home should be a place where you can relax with a warm cuppa and a good book, or a cold beverage and a movie. If your home stresses you out, then we need to fix that together.

When you get home do you see piles, over stuffed cabinets, appliances with no home except the middle of the counter, bathroom cabinets where you know you have that cold medicine you need right now but can’t find, linen closets with that extra set of sheets you need for your little potty-training bed wetter but the beach towels are hiding them in the back and it’s 2 a.m., laundry room with all of your extra supplies but you just can’t find that roll of paper towels you know is in there? Let me help you develop long lasting systems that will make your household run smoothly.


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