The list of services available are:

  1. Organizing any room in your house
  2. Organizing your entire house
  3. Helping you purge unwanted items
  4. Packing you for a move
  5. Unpacking you once you have moved (local moves only)
  6. Meal planning and I’ll teach you how
  7. Time management/family calendars
  8. Create systems to help you seamlessly manage your household like when to do laundry, when to grocery shop, when to pack lunches, etc.
  9. Moving a loved one into assisted living
  10. Moving your child to college
  11. Coaching you through your own reorganization

What you will need to have handy when I arrive:

  1. All extra bins, boxes, baskets, etc. that you have been collecting over the years for future storage needs
  2. Masking tape or painters tape and sharpies
  3. Scissors
  4. Large lawn and leaf bags
  5. Trash bags

Call or email at 720-231-6925 or to talk through your needs. I’m here to help.